Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers Review

One thing that bothers me about tech sites and reviews is how they compare products to one another. Yeah, that’s an easy way to gauge if one product is better than another but in cases like the Genius HF2020’s it’s not that easy.

Let’s face it; these aren’t PC speakers, so in this review I wasn’t going to treat them as such. They are marketed and developed for use in a Home Theatre setting and in that scenario they are really good speakers. I’ve never been a fan of the dedicated sound bars that you can buy for HDTV’s now but after reviewing these speakers I can understand their lure. That’s the best way I can describe how these speakers should be thought of, just instead of one long speaker bar we have it cut in half with one half on the right and the other on the left.

It’s almost amusing how I don’t miss a dedicated sub when using this setup. I’ve always been an advocate of making sure a sub is included in any purchase of speakers that I’ve ever made. Unless the ‘.1’ was in the speaker description I wouldn’t waste my time looking at them. This system makes me change how I feel all together about 2.0 systems.

If Genius would make the improvement of a volume level indicator on the front of the unit I would say that these are among some of the best speakers I’ve ever used…they sure are the nicest looking. Genius as a company has really changed in my eyes. I never expected them to put out such a good product. Hopefully they stay on this path and continue making beautiful looking and sounding speakers. These speakers sell online for about $100. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Genius SP-HF2020 Hi-Fi Digital Wooden Speakers a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


  • Incredibly Stylish
  • Compact but Powerful
  • Clarity
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Multiple device Input
  • Multiple Sound Modes


  • No volume indicator
  • Coaxial instead of SPDIF
  • Small Remote (easy to lose)