Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Review

Usage & Testing
Let’s go ahead and install our iPad in the Solid Case.  You first want to open it up.  Then go ahead and place your iPad in the plastic case, it should snap right in.  After that you are good to go.  You don’t have to worry your iPad is not going anywhere.

Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case

As I said this case has all of the necessary openings for your connections and other things.  I even did the camera test to make sure the case was not in the way of the lens.

Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case

The Solid Case not only functions as a case to protect your iPad but you can also use it as a stand to when you are reading or watching videos on your iPad.  There are 3 different angle settings and each works very well.  The top cover also activates the wake / sleep function of your iPad, which is a nice feature.

Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case

Final Thoughts
The Solid Case for iPad 2 will definitely protect your iPad, and quite well.  The actual case part is made of thick plastic, which will do a great job protecting your iPad from most scratches and little drops.  On top of that you have both front and back covers that are thick and have a nice leather finish of them, which makes the case look very attractive, but adds even more protection.  The inside of the front cover is suede which will not scratch or damage the screen on your iPad.  Just as the name says this is a very solid case and when you have your iPad 2 installed it feels like a thick notebook that you can easily slide in to your bag.

Not only does the Solid Case act as a case, but also as a stand.  So you don’t have to hold your iPad when reading or watching a movie.  There are 3 angle adjustments as well.

The only real issue I found with this case was the latch.  Once locked in to place it is very hard to open and this may annoy some people.  The Solid Case can be found online for around $60, which puts it about even with other quality leather iPad 2 cases out there.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Hornettek Solid iPad 2 Case a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Offers great protection
– Leather finish
– Top cover activates the wake / sleep function
– Acts as stand as well

– Very hard to open