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Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Review

Usage & Testing
Getting your iPad 2 in the rotating case is very easy.  First you want to open it up and stick your iPad 2 in the plastic case.  It should pop right in.  Then just go ahead and close the cover and you are ready to take your iPad with you.

Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case

You will notice that the Apple logo shows through the opening on the back of the case, which is pretty cool.  Lookign around the case you can see all of the openings line up perfectly with the connections and devices.  I did the camera test and the hole on the back of the case did not interfere with shooting photos at all.  Also note that the speakers are also not covered, I’ve seen some cases that cover the speakers and that is just a bad design issue, this case is of course not one of those cases.

Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case

Just like the Solid iPad case from Hornettek the rotating case acts as a stand as well.  Again there are 3 different angle settings and each does work very well.  This case is called the rotating case for a reason and that is because the case can be rotated into portrait mode.  This is a great feature, especially say if you are using FaceTime or Skype on the device.

Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case

Final Thoughts
I have been using the Rotating iPad 2 case for quite some time and I really like it.  I really does provide great protection for your iPad 2, but is also very comfortable.  You don’t want to be carrying around something that is heavy and bulky.  The Rotating case provides just enough protection, while still remaining cool and stylish.

I like that the case also can act as a stand.  This means you don’t have to hold it when watching media or playing games.  The 3 angle adjustments work great and the fact that I can rotate the iPad into portrait mode is awesome, especially if I am using FaceTime.  The suede inside of the case is great and will keep your iPad screen from getting scratched or damaged.

There really is not much I do not like about this case.  It is plain and simple and does its job.  You can pick it up online for $49.99, which is about the same price as other iPad cases that have built in stands.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Hornettek Rotating iPad 2 Case a 9 out of 10 score.

– Provides good protection
– Easy to use
– Rotating feature is great
– Comfortable

– Design is pretty plain

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