Chromecast Ultra Official, 4K To Your TV For $69

Google has finally made the Chromecast Ultra official announcing it at their event yesterday. The Chromecast Ultra is twice the price ($69) of the original Chromecast, but it offers a wide range of new features.

Chromecast Ultra

To start with the big change is that the Chromecast Ultra will be able to stream video at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, this is compared to the normal Chromecast’s HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Besides just the higher resolution the new Chromecast Ultra supports high dynamic range (HDR) video. HDR video has more pixels than standard 1080p video, but each pixel also covers a wide and more granular range. If you have a TV that supports HDR it looks amazing!

The new Chromecast Ultra also comes with an Ethernet adapter, which allows you to plug the device right into your modem or router. While many new routers have pretty impressive WiFi speeds, a wired connection is typically always more reliable.

Finally Google says that the Chromecast Ultra is faster than the older Chromecast. Google distinguishes this as “ultra fast load times” compared to “fast load times”.

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