Colorful Announces the iGame 780-3GD5 Graphics Card

Colorful Technology brings in its new iGame 780-3GD5 graphic card and this announcement has followed right after the launch of the iGame Kudan 780. The new graphic card holds true to all the features of the iGame family and even this time Colorful Technology has been sticking around to the traditional ones. The card features the contemporary one-key overclocking which has been paired with the Silver Plating Technology and the IPP inductor of highest quality.


Though the iGame Kudan is still taking the lead as far as performance is concerned but the new iGame 780 is not so far off. It is still performing better than the GTX 780 reference card and has shown an improvement of 17% in performance. This improvement in performance has especially been noted while playing the AAA title games.


The clock speeds for the iGame 780-3GD5 have been set at 1006 MHz and the card features a memory which has been clocked at 6008 MHz. With all these specifications and the one key overclocking, the performance ends up being 17 percent better than the reference card GTX780. The card which has been referenced from the aerodynamics design is equipped with three 9 CM super cooling fans. With this efficient cooling solution, the card easily reduces the heat 1.1 GHz high frequency. Some other features of the card have been shortlisted below:

• 12+2 phase power design
• High quality i.P.P inductor
• Solid state capacitor
• 8 pin + 8 pin power connectors for a stable power supply
• 3 GB memory 384-bit memory interface

Source: Colorful | News Archive