Colorful Announces the iGame CN600 and CP600 SSDs

Colorful Technology Company Limited, a leading manufacturer of PC hardware, has announced the introduction of three new PCIE SSD models and are the world’s first to feature the latest SiliconMotion controller 2262/2263/2263XTL: announcing the COLORFUL CN600 DRAM-less Series, CN600 DRAM series and CP600 iGame Series. All of the new SSDs will be available in volumes of 240GB up to 2TB. With these new drives you will not have to worry about data destruction.

colorful ssd 1

“Although COLORFUL’s SSD product lines were just released 3 years ago, thanks to the partnership between SiliconMotion and NAND flash vendors, COLORFUL’s SSD products now hold the distinction of being in the top 3 in terms of market share in China. COLORFUL is going to build a storage brand in the future and this new PCIe Series SSD launching today will be the start.” – Mr. Jerry Tsao, DGM of COLORFUL Storage talking about the release of the new storage products in a conference.

The COLORUL CN600 DRAM-less is equipped with the SMI 2263XT controller, features a M.2 2280 design standard and is rated for transfer speeds up to 2GB/s reads and 1.6GB/s write performance. The SMI 2263XT uses the PCIe Gen3 x4 interface without DRAM but can still deliver 4x faster performance than SATA3 for reading, accessing and opening applications and games. The COLORFUL CN600 DRAM-less PCIe SSD is focused in offering the most compelling cost-benefit ratio in the market and will be available at capacities from 240GB to 1TB.

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The COLORFUL CN600 DRAM edition utilizes the SMI2263 and the equipped DRAM is designed to enhance transfer speeds up to 2.4GB/s reads and 1.7GB/s write speeds. The CN600 DRAM Edition is equipped with a cooling solution to keep the M.2 NVMe SSD operating at optimal conditions. The COLORFUL CN600 DRAM edition is targeted at gamers and mainstream users and is available at capacities of 240GB up to 1TB.

And finally, we have the new flagship SSD from COLORFUL: the CP600 iGame Edition. Featuring an SMI 2262 controllers with read speeds rated over 3GB/s reads and 1.7GB/s write speeds, the CP600 iGame Edition is capable of random R/W IOPS of up to 370,000 / 300,000IOPS. COLORFUL has integrated an RGB cooling solution on the CP600 iGame Edition and provides a 5-year warranty for it. The CP600 iGame Edition will be available in 480GB up to 2TB capacities.

Prices for the COLORFUL PCIe SSDs will be announced on a later date. COLORFUL intends to release the product during Q4 2017 and will be available in most Asia countries as well as European countries via their distributors.

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