Colorful Unleashes the iGame GTX 780 Ti Kudan

There is no doubt about the fact that the iGame GTX 780 Kudan is absolutely a beast as far as power is concerned and only a few days back it was announced that Colorful is also on their way to releasing its very own flagship iGame Kudan edition of the GTX 780 Ti. Now we have some news which confirms that the iGame has released the GTX 780 Ti Kudan.


We are looking at the same hard specs more or less including the 2880 SPs and 3GB (7008Mhz) RAM. But the PCB is an entirely different story with complete customization and is non reference. This explains how the Kudan has the ability to achieve higher clocks while remaining stable. If we look from the benchmarks insight, the boost performance can be stated to be a 15% increase over the stock. Talking about the visuals, the card is going to be featuring the standard DP + HDMI + Dual DVI, user-friendly multi-screen output.



Moving on to the cooler, the GTX 780Ti is keeping up with the iGame 780′s three fan design. It makes use of a back plate, water-cooled (hybrid) air-cooled auxiliary cooling solution. The fin count of 142 is four times more than stock and there is a six 6mm nickel-plated copper heat pipe. 12 +2 phase IPP (IGAME Pure Power) Pure Powered Design and Japanese Tantalum capacitors are added by the power circuit which is in place to ensure maximum stability. To protect the PCB from any deformation the card comes with a 2mm steel reinforced insulation coating. For further protection, the PCB has the SPT (Silver Plating Technology) which ensures stable electrical performance.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive