Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Colorful Unveils Liquid-Cooled GeForce GTX TITAN iGame

NVIDIA has been pretty strict on what graphic card manufacturers can do with the GeForce GTX Titan graphics card. The one major exception is if the manufacturer installs a full-coverage waterblock on the card. Well it looks like Colorful has done that and will be releasing a factory overclocked GeForce GTX Titan iGame card. Of course this card will feature a full-coverage water block that you can add to your liquid cooling loop.

There will be two different versions of the card as you see pictured above. One will have a see-through acrylic top and another will have a normal POM-acetal top. The block uses nickel-plated copper and features a dense micro-channel stack over the GPU area. The liquid-cooling channel appears to flow over the entire VRM area. When Colorful releases the card it will be factory-overclocked with a 954 MHz core, 1006 MHz GPU boost, but the memory will remain reference.

Source: Colorful | News Archive

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