Common Computer Problems That Need Professional Repairs

At the drop of a hat, your computer can transform from an adorable machine responding effortlessly to your commands to a pain in the ass. This is particularly annoying when you have a deadline to beat, or you are in the middle of a task, whether it is coding, playing games, or simply typing an office document. Can you blame your computer system for developing faults?

Computer systems like all machines cannot communicate directly to inform you of specific terms of any problem that might be going on with them. With the speedy advancement of information technology, maybe the computer of the future might be able to tell people in clear terms that something is wrong. Computer repair is best handled by trained professionals who minimizes risks and offer value for money.

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Here are some computer problems that require professionals to fix:

Crashed Hard Drive

A computer is commonly referred to as a machine that stores and processes information. The part of the computer responsible for storing information or data is called the hard drive. A computer hard drive crash is caused by exposure to water, malware or virus attack, sudden impact, exposure to heat, or hardware failure. When a computer’s hard drive crashes, it stops working, and all the information stored therein becomes almost impossible to access. Unusual noise from your computer, frequent error messages can be a clear indication that your hard drive has crashed or about to crash.

Ensure you visit an expert to fix your crashed hard drive and recover any lost data.

Crashed Operating System

In ordinary parlance, a computer’s operating system is a system upon which other computer systems are built. The operating system is also responsible for the management of the computer’s operation, and without it, you will not be able to execute any task on your computer. Examples of operating systems are Windows Microsoft operating system, Linux, Apple’s macOS, Google’s Android operating system, etc.

A computer’s operating system can crash due to overheating, the use of malicious software, corrupt system registry, hardware failure, etc. when a computer’s operating system crashes it shuts down and all effort to revive or reboot it will prove abortive. If your computer’s operating system crashes, you might need to consult an expert for a thorough diagnosis and fixation of the system.

Blue Screen Of Death

Far from what the title suggests; no one is going to die when your computer system encounters the blue screen of death. In the tech world, a blue screen of death refers to a rather unfortunate situation where your computer screen turns blue and displays a stop code. This little piece will not be complete without mentioning this problem as it has rightly earned itself a top spot in the list of the most common computer problem. Should you encounter this unfortunate problem, make haste, and visit a technician for a quick and everlasting fix.

Bad Graphics Card

All the fancy high-resolution videos and images you see on your computer monitor are made possible through hardware called graphics card. As you might have guessed, a bad graphics card will produce a bad and distorted image, making it almost impossible to play games, watch movies and view pictures. A bad graphics card is so disastrous that it can lead to the total collapse of the computer system. Symptoms of a bad graphics card include a blank display, loud fan sounds, etc.. Fixing and replacing a bad graphics card can be quite difficult, and that is why you should engage a technician.

Broken Screen

One of the most common computer problems that need a professional is when a computer’s monitor gets broken, whether due to bad handling or accident. Fixing a broken monitor involves a careful dismantling of the monitor to replace the broken screen with a new one. A professional technician has all the tools and expertise to get it fixed in his disposal, why not visit one instead of making a gamble after watching some YouTube videos.


People are becoming more reliant on their computers for everyday living. It is frustrating when it develops a fault and even more frustrating when the fault cannot be fixed outrightly, making it necessary for people to visit a professional technician. But come to think of it if your computer does not develop fault how that next street technician will afford the good things of life?

Do not hesitate to visit your professional when your computer develops faults like a broken screen, bad graphics card, blue screen of death, crashed operating system, and a crash hard drive. Most of the problems mentioned above require a special blend of skill and expertise to fix, don’t mess your computer system off by attempting to fix them on your own.

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