Complete Guide on How to Earn Cryptocurrency

Every day the number of things in our life that are becoming digital is increasing quickly. You will see that you don’t have to wait in lines for long periods for anything. You can easily order groceries, food, and many other things. Using a physical currency for your trades appears to be not efficient anymore. Luckily a new form of completely digital currency has been created called cryptocurrency. This new currency has no physical basis. You may have heard a lot about people getting rich quickly from crypto. If you wish to succeed or find methods, you have come to the right place.

Crypto Mining

Currently, crypto mining is the best way to earn crypto. In mining, you keep your computer running. Your computer will use its computation capabilities to solve complex mathematical equations. Solving these equations will reward you with a certain amount of cryptocurrency. Almost every household has a computer in it. You can do crypto mining on almost any computer, but it would be better to do it on a high-end computer. With the prices these days, it is relatively cheap to do so. In mining, the only costs are the computer and the electric bill. These can be recovered pretty quickly, making crypto mining the ideal choice of people. However, as more and more coins get mined, the complexity of equations increases, reducing profit margins in the future.

Crypto Trading

If you cannot get a powerful computer or have power issues but have some skills, you should try crypto trading. Crypto trading is very similar to regular stock trading. The only difference between the two is that you can trade in stocks of every category in traditional stock markets. In crypto trading, you can make only the trade of stocks of only cryptocurrencies.  All you need are some predictive skills and some amount of money to begin. We suggest you use the following trading platforms.

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken


If you don’t have the skills needed for crypto trading or too much for you to handle, we suggest crypto staking. In staking, you spend some money to lock down some crypto. Once it gets mined, it will be credited to you. In staking, there is lots of luck involved, but you are guaranteed to make your money back because sooner or later, people will mine all the coins. Staking is an ideal process to get crypto passively. Staking is pretty similar to typical lotteries, but there is no danger of losing your money with staking. You will sooner or later make it all back.

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are platforms that will reward you with minute amounts of cryptocurrencies for doing menial work. Crypto faucets provide you with a great way to earn some extra crypto while on your break. Faucets will make you do easy and short tasks like watching a video, liking, or sharing content. Some faucets even award you crypto for playing some games. So you can have fun and earn crypto at the same time. The tasks that you have to do will be depending on the faucet you choose. Currently, the best bitcoin faucets are:

  • Satoshi labs
  • Bitcoinker
  • BitFun

These offer a tremendous amount of crypto for minor work. Initially, the amount you get will appear to be very small; however, it all adds up compared to the effort it takes.


Every day many different companies are launching their type of crypto. All of these need to have users drive the value of their crypto up. To do so, they provide crypto to lots of people for basically free. You may even be given free crypto for simply clicking on a link. Sometimes you may have to do small tasks such as sharing the link of their website with others. They even pay people in crypto to promote it. So if you are a content creator, you should try to partake in as many airdrops as you can. Initially, the value of that particular crypto is low, but it will increase very quickly in most cases, like in the case of dogecoins. So you should always participate in airdrops of different crypto’s.