Console Resolutions Confirmed for Call Of Duty: Ghosts

It has finally been confirmed by the Infinity Ward that the Call Of Duty: Ghosts will have a native resolution of 1080p to run on the PS4 while for the Xbox One, its version is going to run at 1080p (which is an upscaled from 720p). The output of the game is going to be 60fps for both the consoles likewise.


One of the most talked about things regarding the game was the resolution issue for the next generation consoles and a lot of things arguments had been going on around the internet during the last couple of days. It was rumored that the game would run at a lower resolution on Xbox One as compared to the resolution for PS4. But rumors have finally been put to rest since the resolution confirmations have been made. The thing that fired up all these rumors in the first place was that even Microsoft’s Albert Penello failed to reveal anything of importance. All he mentioned was that the game had run on Xbox One and was amazing on that one. But we doubt that the game is going to go all HD on the console; had it been this way, Microsoft would not have stayed quiet. It would have instead bragged about the achievement.

At this time we all know that two of the most sought after games in the gaming world are Call of Duty and Battlefield 4 and they both run better on the PS4 as compared to the Xbox One. This has also been confirmed by numbers since the Battlefield 4 will render at 900p on PS4 and at 720p on Xbox One.

Source: CVG | News Archive