Web Design & SEO for Your Construction Website: The Whys and Hows

Search Engine Optimization is continually evolving, with a far-reaching capacity of influencing businesses, whether big-fish or small and local. And the construction industry is finally beginning to see how SEO can positively impact client reach.

There’s now such a thing called contractor SEO. If you’re a general contractor, a home builder and remodeler, or if you run a business in construction, here’s why you should start thinking about SEO, too.

Benefits Of SEO For Construction Companies

1. Increased Visibility

Construction companies used to reel in clientele through conventional word-of-mouth approaches. At times, through traditional advertising mediums such as the paper, billboards, and the most popular of them all, flyers.

Today, people have become more inclined to look for local construction companies via search engines. The abovementioned traditional ad mediums still hold water. But in reality, true brand and business visibility are much higher online.

What’s more, Google analytics show that at least 75% of those who go online stick to the first page. This means that having an up-and-running website isn’t enough to increase your construction business’ visibility. You’ll need to have it optimized to anchor it on that much-coveted top 1 page on search engines.

2. Brand Strengthening And Authority

Seeking the aid of an SEO company that specializes in handling construction website is the first step towards improving your own, overall. From web design, accessibility and user-friendliness, information streamlining, blogging, video ads, and the like, your website can truly become as competitive as it should be.

Aside from revamping your website to stand out against that of your competitors’, a well-managed site is, in itself, an approach to strengthening your business brand and name.

It serves as the authority that tells potential customers of just how serious you are about your services, and how committed you are to providing them with what they need… even before they book a schedule to inquire about your company’s remodelling packages.

Moreover, it’s an approach to converting clicks into sales. The better your website looks, the more tailored it is around your brand, the more that the algorithms running behind it are pointed towards customer orientation— the higher the chances for sales conversion.

This is also directly linked to building customer loyalty.

3. Customer Insight

Another reason why it’s advantageous to steer your business website towards SEO is that your website should be a medium for clients to get a hold of you and your team without hassles. Having the capacity to quickly respond to client queries is an asset.

In fact, studies reveal that at least 88% of customers who send out questions on online platforms expect a response within half an hour. The remaining percentage expects a response within 15 minutes.

Still, the faster you are able to get back to them, the higher your rating of customer experience will be. This equates to brand trust, credibility, and the likelihood that they will return to your website again instead of seeking out a competitor.

Inquiries can be done seamlessly and in real-time. 24/7, even! If that’s a function you and your team would like to consider as well.

Beyond this, you will be able to learn about your clientele all the more, and use this information to better your website and your services. In addition, your SEO team can assist you with enabling your website to collect suggestions and post reviews.