Cooler Master MasterAir Pro 4 & MasterAir Pro 3 CPU Coolers Review

Installation is pretty much identical for the MasterAir Pro 4 and Pro 3. Cooler Master actually does provide two different mounting systems for Intel users. There is the more sturdy X-bracket or a more simple push-pin bracket. We will be using the X-bracket as we feel this is what most users will be doing. We will be installing the coolers in our Intel Z97 system, which makes use of the Intel LGA1150 socket. Our installation method can be used on any LGA115x system.

The first thing you’ll want to do is install the rear mounting plate. To do this take the four included mounting screws and put them through the front of your motherboard lining them up with the holes in the rear mounting plate. Be sure you put them through the correct holes (refer to the installation guide). Now use the included bolts to fasten and secure the mounting plate. Cooler Master includes a bolt screw to make it much easier to fasten the bolts.

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Now you’ll want to find the X-bracket and very carefully place it under the heatsink between the base of the cooler and the heatsink stack. There is a little hole that it will sit in. You need to install it a certain way or it will not open correctly. Refer to the installation guide to see how you should properly install it.


Apply the included thermal paste and be sure to remove the fan from the cooler. Carefully place the cooler on top of your CPU, then line up the X-bracket with the mounting holes around your CPU socket. Screw the X-bracket into these holes and the heatsink will be properly installed.

Cooler Master MasterAir Pro Series Cooler Master MasterAir Pro Series

The last thing you need to do is reinstall your fan and you are good to go. The new fan bracket makes it extremely easy to remove and install your fans. This is so much better than the flimsy fan clips that we see on a majority of CPU coolers these days. Overall this is one of the easiest installations we’ve seen for an air cooler, we did not encounter a single issue when it came to installation.

Cooler Master MasterAir Pro Series

As I mentioned installation for both coolers is identical so below you will see photos of both coolers installed in our test system. As far as clearance goes with the MasterAir Pro 3 there is actually quite a lot of room between the fan and our memory. With the MasterAir Pro 4 the fan sits right before our memory, but does not go over it, so you shouldn’t have any clearance issues at all.

Cooler Master MasterAir Pro Series Cooler Master MasterAir Pro Series

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