Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse Review


Before we get into the performance of a mouse, I always like to talk about the comfort and overall feel during use. Size-wise, my initial impression is that the MM830 is a bit on the large side of the spectrum, though not uncomfortably so. My daily use mouse is a bit smaller, but after using the MM830 for nearly two weeks, my comfort level with it increased to where it didn’t really seem out of the ordinary. The PBT plastic of the body has a very solid feel, and I really like the slightly rough texture, as it gives me just the right amount of grip without feeling abrasive. Regarding the d-pad layout, I was a bit apprehensive at first. My initial thoughts were that the bottom and rear buttons were hard to activate, while the front and upper buttons were pretty accessible. After a few days with the MM830, my opinion on this changed quite a bit, which I will cover in more detail shortly. I do like the thumb rest, as it definitely helps keep your thumb lined up with the d-pad, and the additional PTFE pad beneath it ensured that this additional footprint didn’t slow things down.

Moving on to the gaming performance of the mouse is where it really began to shine for me. Most of my testing was done in Fortnite Battle Royale, and I was really excited to test out the d-pad for building. My existing mouse just has two buttons on the thumb area, which I have programmed to build ramps and walls. With the MM830, I was able to program two buttons for ramps and walls as usual, but I also programmed one for floors, and another for traps/turrets/launchers. I will admit that the new ease of access for these structures was a bit overwhelming at first, but once I got used to these options being right there under my thumb, I found my building skills leveling up dramatically. And while I don’t currently play any MMOs, my years as a healer in WoW make me wish this was available back then. Being able to access additional spells and functions without looking away or moving my hand off my mouse would have been a game changer. Aiming and general gaming functions worked just fine with the MM830, thanks to the Pixart sensor. At no point did I notice any issues that could be attributed to the mouse or the sensor, and my gaming time with the MM830 was quite pleasant.

One thing I do want to mention though, is the OLED screen, and the inability to actually see it when in use. You see, the screen sits pretty much vertically, and in standard use, you can’t even see the screen. It is not until you lean down that you can see the display, which pretty much makes this a flashy gimmick at this point. Nobody is going to look away from their monitor in a gaming situation and down at their mouse to see what their current DPI setting is, or what their CPU utilization is. Now maybe if the screen was brought out from the mouse body a bit and angled up, you would be able to change my mind, but as it is now, the OLED screen on the MM830 is just for showing off.

Final Thoughts

What can I say? I am really impressed with the Cooler Master MM830. The exceptional materials and resulting build quality place this among the best gaming mice I have encountered. With a slightly ergonomic design, the MM830 is sure to feel at home in the hands of most gamers, and although it was a bit large in my hand, it will be a perfect fit for many others. The comfortable thumb rest keeps your thumb from dragging on your mousing surface, and gives easy access to the hidden d-pad and its four customizable buttons. Speaking of customizing, the Cooler Master Portal application was very easy and intuitive to use, giving access to five areas of customization across the MM830. Lighting options were satisfactory, though I would have liked to see a few more built-in options.

I have no qualms about the performance of the Cooler Master MM830, and the access to four buttons on the thumb d-pad really improved my building skills in Fortnite. The only flaw I see with the MM830 is the lack of visibility of the OLED screen in normal use situations. And since this is a bit of a niche feature, I can’t really knock it much, especially since its inclusion doesn’t seem to have affected the price of the mouse much. With a current price of $74.99 on Amazon, the Cooler Master MM830 offers a solid build, proven components, and a few premium features, all wrapped into one product. The Cooler Master MM830 earns a 9 out of 10.


  • Great Build Quality
  • Multiple RGB LED Light Zones
  • D-Pad Buttons
  • Cooler Master Portal Software
  • Comfortable


  • OLED Screen Viewing Angle