MetallicGear Neo Case Review

MetallicGear is a company you might have heard of recently. They are actually a sub-brand of Phanteks. Phanteks is well-know for their quality cases, we are huge fans of their Enthoo series of cases. With MetallicGear the whole idea is to provide a striking balance between form and function while maintaining an affordable price. Their first series of cases are called “Neo” and are available in a normal ATX (Neo), Micro-ATX (Neo Micro), and mini-ITX (Neo Mini) versions. Today we are checking out the Neo, which offers a sandblasted aluminum exterior, dual tempered glass side panels, some nice cable management, and much more. It seems that MetallicGear is packing a lot into this $99 case, read on to see if that’s the case.

Special thanks to MetallicGear for providing us with the Neo for review.

neo specs

The Neo comes in a typical “case box”, which shows an outline of the case on one side and has the Metallicgear logo on the other.

MetallicGear Neo Case MetallicGear Neo Case

Opening the box up and getting the case out we can see that it is nicely protected by two large pieces of Styrofoam and plastic. Upon initial inspection of the case there was no damage or scratches on the side panels.

MetallicGear Neo Case MetallicGear Neo Case

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