Cooler Master Updates the Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W PSU with Individually Sleeved Cables and 10 Year Warranty

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, is proud to announce that the world’s first in power supply technologies, the high end Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W, has now been improved to offer even more value and quality.

Extended Warranty
Cooler Master carefully selects high quality and durable components to build its Silent Pro Hybrid. Showing that we fully stand by this, the warranty has been doubled to provide a full 10 years of coverage from date of purchase for the updated Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W in the United States. Ensuring that all of these owners can partake in this new addition, the warranty extension also applies retroactively to those Silent Pro Hybrids that were purchased prior to this announcement.

Premium Individually Sleeved Cables
Cooler Master has a reputation as a company that keeps an open and accessible presence across popular enthusiast forums. This is where fans, and critics, can provide their input. Cooler Master listens and strives to help find a mutually beneficial solution to each issue. Answering one of these calls, the improved Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W power supply model will include a full set of premium individually sleeved modular cables that will add that extra touch of professionalism to an otherwise flawless build.

About Silent Pro Hybrid Series
Silent Pro Hybrid Series includes the features that many enthusiasts demand such as full control over cable management with fully modular cables, over 90% efficiency with 80Plus Gold Certification, noise-free operation, and other value-added features that ensure these users get the most out of their purchase.

Direct Fan Control
With a power supply integrated 7V fan power port and included 5.25” drive bay fan controller module, the Silent Pro Hybrid Series removes the middleman by taking an unnecessary load off of the motherboard. This direct connection between power supply and fan controller provides the user with immediate on-the-fly control over the 135mm Super Silent Hydraulic Bearings power supply fan and up to 3 other system fans. The power and system fan speeds are adjusted independently via two dials. Users may determine the level of control they would like to wield by switching between automatic and manual modes for the power supply fan.

Noise-free Operation
The first to offer a “fanless” mode, the Silent Pro Hybrid Series eliminates unneeded fan noise. The power supply fan can be completed turned off to essentially operate as if it were fanless. This mode persists until loads become greater than 200W. At this point, a safe mode will activate the fan and cool according to the level of the load.

Price and Availability
The Silent Pro Hybrid Series will come in 850W, 1050W, and 1300W models. The updated 1300W model will be available in September, 2012. This press release is meant for the United States only. For more information, please consult your local Cooler Master Representative.

Source: Cooler Master | News Archive

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