CoolJag Falcon II Low Profile Core i7/Core 2 CPU Cooler Review


To test the performance of the CoolJag Falcon II, first I checked idle and load temperatures at stock clock. For comparison purposes, I also checked the same temps with a Kingwin 12025, a tower styled 120mm cooler. It is an economical cooler utilizing heatpipe direct touch technology. It’s a decent cooler, and holds its own, even with a healthy overclock.

Temperatures were monitored with Asus PC Probe II, Asus’ monitoring utility. CPU load was attained with Sandra Burn-in, using Processor Arithmetic only. Idle temps were measured after the rig sat idle for 30 minutes. Load temps were measured after running Sandra Burn-in for 30 minutes.


I was a little surprised, the Falcon II actually performed better than the full-sized cooler.

Next, I overclocked the E8400 to a conservative 3.5gHz. I cranked the Vcore up to 1.45v, a little higher than necessary, to heat things up a little more.

I had no idea how the Falcon II would perform under overclock conditions. Keep in mind that it is intended more to be an excellent cooler for an HTPC rig, and not necessarily a high performance cooler for overclocking. But ya gotta try.