Griffin Clarifi iPhone Case Review

[ad#review990-top]We have taken a look at quite a few iPhone cases from Griffin, the Elan form cork was unique, the Wave looked great, but the Clarifi adds something really unique to your iPhone. Just like any iPhone case the Clarifi is made to protect your iPhone, but beyond that it has a built-in close-up lens that focuses close for incredible detail, which is perfect for capturing business cards or document text. Let’s take a look.


– Protective polycarbonate case with clear screen protector.
– Close-up lens focuses close for incredible detail; perfect for capturing business cards, document text.
– Lens slides into place for close-ups, then back for normal photography.
– No adapters or small pieces to lose; the lens is built in and slides in and out of place with the touch of a fingertip.


The Clarifi comes in the typical Griffin packaging we are used to seeing. It is all clear so you can really get a good look at the case inside. On the back there is a diagram showing how the lens works.

Griffin Clarifi iPhone Case Griffin Clarifi iPhone Case

Inside the packaging you will find the Clarifi case, a screen protector, cleaning cloth and instructions.

Griffin Clarifi iPhone Case


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