Coping With Bad RNG: 4 Ways

Gacha usually takes the form of a video game that implements the gacha (toy vending machine) mechanic. With the gacha vending machine, you pick a certain unit from the crowds of toys in the machine. Once you take the item and catch it from the gacha vending machine, you finally know what item you have gotten. The appeal of gacha games has now moved beyond vending machines; they have now reached your smartphones.

With gacha games on phones, it is an exquisite experience due to the high production quality. Graphics will run clearly and smoothly, accompanied by a good UX design, voice acting, and music to make the gaming experience more immersive and entertaining.

Allow Yourself To Feel

Even if it is just over a gacha game, it is still valid to cry and feel upset if you do not get the rare item/character/unit you wanted or if you lost a game at an online platform such as Bet88 PH. Rng can be tricky to deal with. In addition, rolling means you are still willing to make a play to obtain your desired limited-edition unit at any cost. Some games have pity systems, while others do not; the pity system can make a big difference in alleviating how you feel.

When you are a f2p player, every in-game currency you spend and save is doubly as precious. So if you cannot get your desired unit, it can be pretty upsetting, as players with more buying power can afford to whale and get the unit you want faster.

Understand The Odds

In gacha games, as stated in the previous paragraph, there are certain ways that the games are built. It is a requirement for gacha games to show their pull rates, especially in Japan and South Korea, due to concerns of gacha gamers with how their pulls are not as lucky. Thanks to dedicated theorycrafters in various gacha games, understanding the odds and math behind what comprises the wonderful world and odds in the gacha games we all enjoy becomes easier. It also becomes a helpful tool to optimize what you currently have.

A concrete example is how pity and the pull rates work in Genshin Impact. The Chinese game, produced by Mihoyo (also called Hoyoverse), has a pity system of ninety (90) pulls for its limited-character banner. By the time you have pulled for ninety (90), you may get a five-star (5) character that is either the featured character or one that comes from its standard banner roster.

The Right Investments

After you have understood the odds, the next course of action you must take is to make the right investments. To win in the gacha, you must know the odds and what you can do about it. If buyable items can help you get to the in-currency value for your desired character, you can opt to buy them as investments and for security.

In your game of choice, there will be units and characters who are viable and very strong, even if they are accessible to every player. You can build them instead for more optimal damage and more progress in the game.

Strategic Pulling

For low spenders, being strategic about how you roll is a good tactic to cope with your bad rng. You can plan your spending by planning who you want to pull and need in your roster. In addition, it can save you from further heartbreak.