Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass NBT for Touch Laptops

Today, Corning announced a new breed of Gorilla Glass. Dubbed Gorilla Glass NBT, the new tough glass is targeted to cater touchscreen laptops, rather than the usual smartphone screen the glass is so comfortable with.

Like all Gorilla Glass, the NBT strain offer compact scratch visibility, higher scratch resistance, and more power to oppose breakdown if a scratch is actually sustained. NBT is considered to be eight to 10 times more resistance to scratches than your normal touchscreen laptop display. It is said that it will protect a laptop further from shock damage (such as accidental bumps), and can also resist damage resulting from cleaning the screen.


The new glass will barely add any extra costs to laptops, as it will only report for around 1% or 2% of a laptop’s overall price.

Besides wanting to take over the glass industry like a glass company should, Corning also mentioned that research demonstrates that the rate of complaints for scratched laptop screens overshadow the same complaints for other mobile devices actually by four times. This, Corning would surely influence, is because touchscreen laptops don’t utilize the tough Gorilla Glass.

Source: Corning | News Archive