Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4-3200MHz: I Do

Finding what you need for RAM intended for a gaming PC is often an infuriating, frustrating, and, at times, depressing journey. If you are blindly looking for the best chip that you can afford, you might not get the best deal for your money. Besides, you always have to know which specifications you require your RAM to possess. Otherwise, you might as well go home and buy term paper, which will inform you about what I am hinting at – gaming is not for you.

It does not matter whether or not a kit has RGB (although, this is always a welcome surprise), but, what you need most are the following elements:

  • Enough memory;

Although most kits range from 8GB to 32GB, RAM of 16GB is typically enough for your gaming endeavors.

  • Frequency;

However, it will not matter if you have 64GB of RAM if you are running only at 2133MHz. DDR5 kits are producing impressive and mouth-watering speeds. Nonetheless, I would advise a low-budget buff like me to stick to DDR4 kits that operate at 3200MHz.

  • Latency.

The latency is also an issue to be considered since it affects the time taken to send and retrieve data from memory. The lower the number is, the faster your RAM will operate. Most RAM kits possess a CL of 15 or 16.

Simply the Best

Corsair has surpassed all possible expectations regarding its latest creation, which is quickly becoming the favored memory bundle where most gamers are concerned. This RGB has a sleek exterior with unique DHX cooling tech and unbeaten performance. Its build quality is excellent as the modules are available in dual-, quad-, or octo-stick capacities. Additionally, thanks to its aluminum construction, Dominator RGB has become data-loss proof since the sides are anodized and forged.

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Its CAS latency is at 16, meaning it has 16-18-18-36 timing capabilities with dimensions at 2*16GB. Hence, integrated with the iCUE system software, this memory remains one of the most high-quality and effective kits. What gamers have to pay is close to the initial sum, meaning an interested party has to part with a considerable sum for the kit – $249.99 on Amazon. Nevertheless, I believe you are going to enjoy every dollar you spent.

Configured to Your Liking

On opening the iCUE system software, you will see Platinum under a tab named ‘Devices.’ Selecting this RAM will enable you to configure its modules. You can decide to set different profiles for the memory and tweak with their temperatures using the live view. But, I would advise you first to visit the DIMM setup and specify how your modules have been installed on your PC. You might also want to rearrange the DIMMs to ensure that your effects are in the right sequence.

I bet you are having more fun now than you would have if you heeded my advice and abandoned your project. Now, the next tab involves lighting effects, some of which have been pre-defined. Nonetheless, you can individually set each RGB LED to a different color to suit your style. The software also includes module timings and graph thermal readings. The notifications tab is related to the temperature tab as the user can set notifications to be received based on the modules’ heat.

Brightening our Worlds

Experts agree that the Dominator Platinum RGB outshines itself as it appears different from all the other color-infused memory sticks.  This best-built RAM is only available in black, although it is the way that RGB has been implemented that makes it unique. This iconic RAM has remained a formidable brand for numerous years, but this excellent make, coupled with the LED technology serves as additional perks. This memory stick combines one of the most significant performance features regarding the initial kits. This new tech means these LEDs are better than the memory’s predecessors.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4-3200 32GB Memory Kit

Corsair has placed these light sticks directly onto a PCB. Hence, a significant number of miniature LEDs have been integrated into the same space. These Capellix LEDs occupy about 0.2mm3 surface area as compared to the 2.8mmfor a standard SMD. This reduction is good news for us since we can now fit more LEDs in the same area. However, since density is not always critical, we need to examine the power consumption and brightness of this LED technology. Corsair’s newest creation is said to be 60% brighter with 40% less power consumption – at the same brightness level – than other memory sticks.

This RAM kit is arguably the best implementation of the most efficient technology in memory kits that I have seen in a long time.

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