Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Software and Lighting
Like most of Corsair’s gaming peripherals the Glaive RGB can be configured using their CUE software. You can plug the mouse in right away and start gaming, but if you want to configure things you will need to install the CUE software. The software does ship with the default profile on it so you can change the DPI without the CUE software. Opening up the CUE software the first tab you want to go into is your profiles. Here you can add and save different profiles.


The next tab is actions. Here you can go and reprogram the mouse as well as setup macros. Besides just remapping the buttons you can set them to a macro, text, media controls, launch an application, timer, profile switching, and you can even disable the button. Macros themselves are quite easy to record.


The lighting effects tab is next. Here you can configure the RGB lights on the mouse. The lighting effects you can choose from are rainbow, color shift, color pulse, static color, and lighting link.


There are actually there different lighting zones on this mouse. You have the front zone, the light edge (on each side), and then finally the logo zone. The lights look good and are not too overbearing.

Corsair Glaive RGB Corsair Glaive RGB Corsair Glaive RGB

Moving down to the next tab we have DPI levels. You have five DPI different DPI levels as well as a “Sniper” DPI level. One thing that is really nice is that you can turn the DPI levels off if you want. This way if you accidentally hit the DPI switch button your DPI will not cycle, or if you have say two different DPI levels for a game you can cycle through only those two. DPI levels can be set at 1 DPI increments.


The next tab is Performance. Here you can set the lift height, turn angle snapping on or off, and pointer speed.


The final tab is surface calibration. Calibration is something you are going to want to do when you get this mouse. It will evaluate your gaming surface and adjust the sensor accordingly, to optimize performance to your chosen surface.


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