Tesoro Zone Balance Gaming Chair Review

Ah the gaming chair. To be honest when I first saw these coming out I thought they were a gimmick. I mean why do you need a racing style gaming chair to be comfortable sitting at your PC? There are many companies that have been in business for quite a while making office chairs so why all of a sudden do we have all of these new companies springing up making gaming chairs? Is it just a fad? Are they looking to cash in on the popularity of the gaming industry? Or do these gaming chairs offer something different than the normal office chairs we’ve been using for 10-15 years. Well today we are taking a look at our first ever gaming chair, the Tesoro Zone Balance, which is also Tesoro’s firs gaming chair. We mainly know Tesoro for their keyboards and mice so it will be interesting to see their take on a gaming chair. Let’s jump in and see what it is all about!

Special thanks to Tesoro for providing us with the Zone Balance Gaming Chair to review.

– Ergonomics – high back rest for full spinal column support
– Headrest and lumbar cushions
– 180 degree adjustable back
– Adjustable height and arm rests
– 5-star steel base
– Class-4 gas spring
– Metal base and high density foam filling
– Embroidered Tesoro logo on front and back of headrest

Gaming Chair Measurement 20161116 01 01

Packaging & Assembly
When you receive the Zone Balance chair it will be disassembled in a very large box. Definitely one of the larger boxes we’ve received lately.

tesoro zone balance 1

Upon first opening the box we can see that everything is packed nicely inside. There was no damage to our chair caused by shipping.

tesoro zone balance 2

Getting everything out of the box you have quite a lot, and it may seem daunting to put together, but assembly will likely take you around 30 minutes if this is the first chair like this you’ve put together.

Tesoro Zone Balance Gaming Chair

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