Tesoro Zone Balance Gaming Chair Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
The first thing I noticed when I first sat down in the Zone Balance gaming chair was it felt quite different than chairs I’ve used in the past. I knew it would take a little bit for me to get used to the chair, but after a few hours I was acquainted with the chair. First off the chair is very comfortable, even without the support cushions. Since it has that racing-style design it sort of holds you in the seat. Now when you add the cushions it becomes even more comfortable. The head cushion obviously will make things more comfortable, but the lumbar support is a total game changer. If you’ve never used a chair with lumbar support you are really missing out. Typically the lower part of your back is where you’ll start to feel fatigue so having the support there will really eliminate that. You can even move the lumbar cushion up or down to find the best position for you.

Tesoro Zone Balance Gaming Chair

The back part of the chair is extra long to offer full spinal support. On top of that it is fully adjustable, even back to 180 degrees. This is great because if I am gaming I want to be sitting straight up, but if I’m relaxing I want to be leaning back a little bit. The controls on the side of the chair make it very easy to operate. The arm rests are not only adjustable by being able to change the direction in which they sit, but you can also adjust them up or down.

The only things I can say I don’t like about this chair are the design where the two pieces of the chair come together, the plastic just does not look good. Again, I don’t know what they could put there, but it just messes up the whole aesthetic of the chair. Secondly, the chair does not have a leather cover, but rather a polyurethane faux leather. The polyurethane is very durable, breathable, and offers spill resistance, but it is not leather. Not going with leather does allow Tesoro to bring this chair out at a very low cost, right now you can pick it up at our favorite online retailer for $229.

When it is all said and done the Tesoro Zone Balance gaming chair is something we would highly recommend if you are looking at upgrading your current chair. It offers pretty much everything you would want in a gaming chair and does it at a price you can’t argue with. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Tesoro Zone Balance Gaming Chair a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

– Very comfortable
– Solid steel frame
– Head and lumbar cushions
– Pretty easy to assemble
– Spill resistance
– 180 degree adjustable back

– Not made of real leather
– Plastic pieces on the chair ruin the aesthetic

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