AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard Review

AZIO has a pretty interesting lineup of keyboards. They have two main categories, Lifestyle and Gaming. Of course we are mainly interested in their gaming products, but they have released products like the MK Retro which were very unique. We took at our last AZIO gaming keyboard about a year ago, and while it was good, we still feel it lacked some necessary features. Well they are back with the Armato which they say offers striking aesthetics and essential gaming functionalities. With that you have Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches, an aluminum chassis design, 5 dedicated macro keys, and a very interesting volume control. Does the Armato have enough for us to recommend it for your next gaming keyboard? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to AZIO for providing us with the Armato Gaming Keyboard to review.

armato specs

The Armato comes in a sort of plain package, if there is one thing I think that AZIO needs to work on their packaging. It does not really stand out that much. On the front there is an outline of one side of the keyboard.

AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard

Flipping over to the back there is some information on the board and a small sticker that has an actual photo of the keyboard. Like I said not every descriptive or stands out too well.

AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard

Getting everything out of the box you’ll find the Armato keyboard, magnetic wrist rest, two keycap removers, and a user’s guide.

AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard

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