COUGAR Releases 80 PLUS BRONZE Digital PSU

Cougar has just announced the release of its first 80 PLUS Bronze certified Digital Power Supply. The Cougar CMD Digital Power Supply according to Cougar marks a radical change for digital power supplies, freeing them from their current niche product status and bringing them into the mainstream. This is due to the emphasis on practical functionality put during its development, which has led to a product whose specifications all target real user needs.

COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply

The CMD unit will be able to be monitored and tuned using Cougar’s UIX Device management system, which we have covered in our reviews on Cougar’s gaming peripherals. You will be able to monitor input and output, efficiency, consumption, temperature and fine-tune the voltages.


The unit will feature a semi-modular design and will also have connections for a temperature sensor and two additional 3pin fans.

COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply

COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply

COUGAR CMD Digital Power Supply Unit will be available in April 2015.

For more information, visit the product page.

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