Criteria Used to Review Online Casinos

Gambling has been one of man’s oldest forms of recreation. Since ancient times, betting on sports has been quite prevalent. Heck, murals from ancient tombs depict casting lots as symbolism for gambling.

It’s no surprise that this tradition has survived the ravages of time. In fact, the desire to gamble and gain fame has only increased with the passage of father time. The thrill of overcoming the odds to emerge victorious in a battle of skill and wits is euphoric, and this feeling is further enhanced by adding the spirit of gambling to the mix. Among the several hundreds of methods used to gamble, card games have always been the most popular as luck isn’t the only metric used to determine success. Skill, tactfulness, and dexterity are required in equal amounts to claiming victory over one’s opponents. The ability to read your challenger’s mind and react swiftly in the heat of the moment is required to emerge triumphant in a game of poker. Therefore, relying on Lady Luck to see one through is futile, and this makes card games all the more challenging. Another type of game really popular in the world of gambling is slot-based gambling. These can range from simple token games to large jackpots where getting three 7’s in a row can make a persona a billionaire in a few seconds!

With the way everything has shifted online, gambling has followed suit. Games such as poker are gaining an overwhelming amount of popularity owing to their skill-based nature and due to the convenience of online casinos.

The benefits of online casinos are numerous: you could play poker from the comfort of your home and take on contenders from all over the globe. Then there’s the benefit of being able to practice to get good at casino games without paying a single penny out of your pocket! Needless to say, these factors have led to a rapid rise in the popularity of casinos, which in turn has led to a large number of online casinos popping all over the place.

Basic of Casinos

The growing number of casinos comes with its own share of cons. For one, tons of these betting sites were designed with the intent of siphoning money from their loyal customers by rigging the games available. Since there is no physical interface between the user and the slot machine/poker deck, the players would have no idea if the coding of the games, or even the website, was tampered with. And this is assuming that the entire website wasn’t designed with the intention of infecting the user’s system with some kind of computer virus or spyware. Then there are other malicious ways the fake online casinos collect data, including bank details from the user.

In order to safeguard the player base from such websites, countermeasures have been added to increase security and identify the online casinos as legit or fake. Websites such as shortlist legit casinos using several criteria to judge whether the website is real or full of money-grubbing shenanigans. These websites keep track of all services and games that an online casino offers to help potential players avoid scams and choose the casino suited to their playstyle. These websites keep a catalog of pros and cons regarding each online casino and also have their contact numbers and email addresses listed in case a player encounters any problems and wishes to reach out to them. These online casino reviews are a great way to assess whether a particular casino is worth checking out and can prevent you from getting scammed by the numerous fake casinos masquerading as real ones. The several parameters utilized by these casino reviewing websites are:

How trustworthy the brand is

The first criterion used by casinos reviewing websites is the trustworthiness of the brand. This is done by filtering tons of reviews of the online casino and using them as a basis for judging the website’s legitimacy. They also use other factors such as the number of logins daily to gain further insight into the casino website. These casino reviews utilize several algorithms and software to remove any data provided by bots. Thus, casino reviewers use several tools in their arsenal to determine the honesty and trustworthiness of all websites, and they keep updating their databases to remove any discrepancies in the data collected.

The speed and minimum amount of withdrawals supported by casinos

Another factor used to review an online casino is the speed at which they allow their customers to withdraw money. The principle behind this criterion is ‘the faster the withdrawal, the better the website.’ The minimum deposit is also paid attention to when a casino is being reviewed, and this informs the user about the smallest token of money that they can deposit to play the premium games. Also, welcome bonuses, weekly promotions, monthly jackpots, and other features are highlighted to give users a better understanding of the casinos. Lastly, the number of days taken to process a withdrawal is tracked and is mentioned on the page of the review.

The payment methods accepted

With the various methods of online payments available, it’s incredibly easy to make any sort of online transaction, and an online casino needs to possess an ample number of payment methods in order to transfer funds from a person’s bank account to their casino profile. Maplecasino keeps track of these payment methods and displays them on the reviews to help players deposit money without facing any hassle.

The games available

What makes or breaks a casino is the quality and quantity of games they offer. For an online casino to rank high, it needs to have a number of games from a large number of genres. The games themselves need to be distinct from each other instead of being clones of a single game. For instance, a casino with a high review would possess games that belong to the categories of poker, desi card games, slots, bets, and so on. The number of games and slots is mentioned in the casino review, along with the maximum jackpot that could be earned from these games.

Security measures employed by the online casinos

The last metric used to calculate the rating of an online casino is the preventive measures on the website to safeguard against any malware attacks. With how easy and accessible hacking servers are these days, some unscrupulous elements are bound to target any casino to earn a few bucks. The security measures employed by these casinos serve as a testament to their reliability and are utilized by the casino reviewing websites to gauge their rating.