Cross-border Transactions No Longer Have To Be So Complex

What’s stopping many value-added resellers and technology resellers from going global is the arduous international distributions process — in other words, the difficulties surrounding getting their shipments approved by foreign customs. Because they resell controlled-use goods, which are materials that can be used for both civilian and military purposes, they must often jump through many hoops in order to be awarded clearance. Even if they do everything right, it doesn’t mean their goods will be accepted into the country quickly. The complexity of exporting forces many resellers to remain in local markets that are oversaturated and insufficient for their enterprise’s growth.

There is one importer of record out there though that removes many of the challenges from this process, a company known as TecEx. First, they do the legwork on behalf of their clients, the resellers, securing all important paperwork stipulated by the receiving country; this includes but is not limited to commercial invoices, freight delivery waybills, permits, licenses and other certifications. Because they have a great deal of experience, and a point of presence in over 120 countries, they’re able to check for accuracy in ways resellers entering this process for the first time can’t. Visit their site to find detailed information about importing IT equipment and how you can increase your lead times through their IoR services.


They also offer a hands-on service, taking responsibility for the shipment once it clears while going one step further and having their on-the-ground personnel meet the package and liaise with forwarders to see that it ends up in the right hands. Resellers can also log onto a convenient online portal to track their shipment and determine the clearance status and stage of that shipment. Clearance is promised within ten days, providing some of the best lead times in the industry; this is especially helpful when dealing with countries that are hard to ship to, that can take up to three weeks to clear technologies and other dual-use goods.

To top it all off, they save their clients money by only charging the landed-cost quote. This means that even if a country’s legislature changes, the resellers are only charged the original amount they were quoted, never more, which alleviates the possibility of hidden or additional fees. In the past, resellers had to wait years to claim their refunds, and the process could often take up to five years. With the help of IoR services, you can recover value-added tax in as little as six months.

No longer do cross-border transactions have to cause resellers grief; by partnering with a dependable importer of record, they can leave the difficult aspects of the process to an expert that deals with the logistics behind clearing these types of sensitive shipments everyday. It gives resellers the opportunity to spend their time and resources on building their business and acquiring new international clients rather than worrying about whether customs will deem their shipment sufficiently safe, or whether it will reach their clients on time once clearance is granted. With the right IoR services, you can count on your IT equipment arriving quickly and compliantly.

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