Crucial Ballistix Max Memory Overclocked to 7004 MHz!

We’ve seen some pretty extreme overclocking over the years, but this new memory overclock is very impressive! Chinese overclocker “baby-j” has set a new world record by overclocking his Crucial Ballistix Max DDR4-4000 memory kit to an amazing 7004.2 MHz! This makes it the highest frequency ever hit on DDR4 memory!

crucial oc 1

This overclock was done using liquid nitrogen to cool the memory of course. The overclock was achieved on an AMD B550 motherboard running a Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G processor, which appears to have a really good memory controller. The memory was running at 22-26-26-46-127-1 (tCAS-tRC-tRP-tRAS-tCS-tCR) settings.

crucial oc 2

Via Tom’s Hardware

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