Cryorig Giving Away C7 Cu Cooler to Taku Kickstarter Edition Backers

Cryorig has decided to sweeten the deal for backing their upcoming chassis, the Taku, on Kickstarter. They will now be including the C7 Cu low-profile CPU cooler for free with each Taku Kickstarter Edition case (you need to back the project with at least $299.).

c7 cu

Cryorig calls the C7 Cu the “best ITX-ready CPU air-cooler.” The top-flow cooler is a variant of the original C7 which includes copper fins instead of aluminum. Because of the copper fins it is able to provide better thermal performance than the aluminum version. Cryorig showed off the cooler along with many other Cu versions of their popular coolers at Computex.


Cryorig has also lowered the cost of backing two Taku cases down to $260 per unit (at least $520), which will include two C7 Cu coolers. Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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