Custom Essays: Why to Follow’s Social Media Accounts is a brand new kind of custom essay writing service. Because they’re new, they want to stay in touch with their young audience, primarily made up of college students. What better way to keep up with young millennials and generation z than to keep an up-to-date social media profile?

Social Media Profiles has a number of social media profiles. They have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They are most active on Twitter, though. As of August 2018, has a little over 200 followers and has made almost 200 posts since they joined Twitter in 2014.


If a student has any one of these accounts, then they can follow’s public accounts. This can help students keep up with’s offers on essays, dissertations, and all sorts of other assignments. By keeping an eye out for these posts, students can get wonderful custom essays for cheap!

What Posts

Like most business social media accounts, posts things to catch the attention of new and returning customers. However, they also know how to have some fun. Not only does post interesting articles, but they also post some pretty hilarious memes that college students can relate to.


Sample Essays and How-To’s

While memes are all fun and good, the best content on’s social media pages is their helpful articles. Their posts range from sample essays, to give students a good idea of what their essays should look like, to guides on how to write various types of papers, like case studies.

Other Types of Article Links

Not only does post links to great articles on how to write essays, they also post a number of articles on helpful tips for students. These tips include where to buy cheap textbooks from, lists of great jobs for graduate students, and even fun reads like what types of tasty snacks are great for college students on a budget.


One of the best things that posts about is their scholarship offers. Every college student wants to save a bit of money, and following’s social media profile is one way to do this. By following the page, students can be first to know when is offering a new scholarship, averaging around $1,000 in awards. Students can follow the links to the scholarships to learn more about them. After all, can only say so much about their scholarships with the 280 character limit on Twitter.

If a student has any questions about anything posts, they can contact them via their social media accounts as well, making it not only a fun way to get information but a great way to get in touch with the website, if need be. All in all, following on social media is easy and free, so why not do it? It gives students a way to see the latest updates, articles, and scholarships the site has to offer.

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