Cutting the Cords: Wireless Keyboards for Your Setup

Not all setups work with a wireless keyboard and mouse. When you need fast response for playing demanding games, for instance, choosing the wireless route isn’t really recommended. You want a reliable USB connection to minimize latency.

That said, not everyone faces these demanding situations. In most cases, cutting the cords and going wireless is simpler and more convenient. If you’re thinking about making the switch to wireless peripherals, these wireless keyboards are the perfect options to begin with.

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft really knows how to make a good keyboard. The foldable Bluetooth keyboard from the company remains one of the most comfortable compact keyboards to use. The new Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is no different.

The curved layout and cool color scheme, combined with high quality key mechanism, make this keyboard a joy to use. It is made from metal and it comes with Alctantara palm rest, just like the Surface laptop.

As top review sites like Best Seekers have pointed out, Alctantara palm rest may not be a good pick, especially if you are a heavy user. The material wears easily and will show substantial usage marks after a while. It isn’t the easiest to clean either.

Logitech Craft Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech Craft Bluetooth Keyboard, or Logitech Craft in short, is the ideal keyboard for every content creator and serious typist out there. The keys are incredibly well-made and comfortable to use, offering sufficient key travel and a reassuring click at just the right spot.

There is a dial on the left corner of the keyboard. It can be used in graphics software for adjusting stroke and other details. It can also be used to adjust brightness or to zoom. The overall design and comfort level of the Logitech Craft really shows how Logitech is thinking about professionals when making this keyboard.

Apple Magic Keyboard

We really can’t talk about great wireless keyboards without talking about Apple’s Magic Keyboard. The new iteration of the Magic Keyboard adds better key switches, a sleeker design, and longer battery life. There is a lightning port for charging, so you can use your iPhone charger with this keyboard.

The keyboard works with Windows with a few tweaks, but it is made mainly for Apple systems. The typing experience on the Magic Keyboard is, well, magical. Anyone who writes long articles or documents will appreciate just how precise Apple’s keyboard is when used extensively.

Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

The last item on this list is a budget option: the Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard. You can get it for less than $20 at certain times. It is relatively small, has a good battery life, and is easy to use. It is smaller than a normal-sized keyboard, so typing isn’t necessarily comfortable on the Anker Ultra Compact.

Size-wise, however, the Anker is perfect for smaller desks or for when you just want to have a clean setup with minimalist peripherals. It is also the perfect additional to your Smart TV system, since it also pairs with Android and other operating systems that support the use of keyboards.

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