CyberPower Unveils the FANGbook Evo HX6 Series Gaming Laptops

CyberPower is a name well known for its customized laptops and workstations for gaming purposes. With so many releases of the gaming equipment causing the “hype”, the gaming guru wasn’t planning to stay behind and hence we have the sneak peak of the latest FangBook Evo HX6 series of gaming laptops. It is the ultimate gaming experience by a brand which knows the significance of high quality gaming products in this.

CyberPower FANGbook HX6

The gaming laptops series have been powered with the latest 4th generation Intel core i7 Haswell mobile processors and for the true fun of your game, the FangBook provides the highest quality graphics with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M graphics, featuring the NVIDIA PhysX technology and the NVIDIA CUDA. The three models which will be launched under the tag of this HX6 series will be everything that the gamers had ever wished for.

CyberPower FANGbook HX6

Inside quality and other technological features are not the only two things which customers crave for; the design and aesthetics used in the building up of gaming equipment is equally important to attract a larger number of gamers and this is exactly what CyberPower has done with its sleek and elegant design. Moreover, the 15.6 inch HD display is anti-glare and ensures a stress free gaming time which will not affect the health even after stretched hours of gaming.

The FangBook Evo HX6 series are perfect for the mobile gamer with the ultimate graphics quality for even the highest demanding games along with a long battery life which ensures that the mobility of the device is kept intact. The portability is further enhanced with the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless LAN.

The customization options of the FangBook Evo HX6 series include the option for an additional memory of 16 GB along with Wireless AC Wi-Fi cards and higher capacity SDD drives.

Source: CyberPower | News Archive