CyberPowerPC Announces new Desktops and Laptops with Haswell Processors

CyberPowerPC which is a global manufacturer of custom gaming PCs like the other traditional PC builders is restoring its product offerings with intel’s new 4th generation core Haswell processors and Z87 based motherboards which assures maximum power efficiency and graphic performance. CyberPowerPC will offer the new CPUs with the fast Z87 Express chipset in the complete Zeus Evo thunder series, which is a designed to satisfy gaming enthusiasts. It will be offered for both generation core i5 and core i7 series.

CyberPowerPC Zeus EVO Thunder

The new Zeus Evo thunder series will also enclose NVIDIA new GTX 700 series GPU for outstanding performance. A new addition the Zeus Evo thunder is offering is the is the selection from CFI Boreal light full tower ATX case or the Corsair Obsedian 900D super tower. These top of the line cases have the qualities of expandability, air flow and extreme water cooling support for PC lovers which want to have the best experience. Also it includes the advanced Hydro ll liquid cooling which has an either a single or dual pump for maximum thermal flow. Company also states that the venom boost over clocking option will offer 30% performance boost.

CyberPowerPC Zeus EVO Thunder

Coming down to CyberPower Fang books which includes three models EVO HX7-100,200 and 300 are designed in a way that they offer better battery life. The powerhouse has the 4th generation Intel Core mobile processor and new NVIDIA GTX 700 mobile graphics which lets you multitask and game like you have never experienced before with a great combination of hardware that provides desktop like power.

Price of Cyber PowerPC’s Haswell-based desktops start at $559, while the price of FANGbook EVO series notebooks starts at $1,399.

Source: CyberPowerPC | News Archive

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