CZUR Shine Ultra: What you really need to digitize all your documents

The health emergency caused by Covid-19 inevitably brought with it an important change in the labor dynamics of many companies. Most of them have been forced to adapt to the new reality, implementing the remote work modality and learning to manage their businesses electronically. All this was a great challenge for many entrepreneurs (especially due to the speed of changes and the lack of experience in teleworking), while highlighting the importance of digitizing documents, transforming their paper version into an electronic format.

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Digitization as a way to survive an economic crisis

Forced teleworking during the pandemic has put public or private companies that have not yet entered the digital world at a disadvantage. Many of them have not been able to adapt in time to the new circumstances, so today they have more problems to continue with their activities and continue offering quality services to their clients. In contrast, companies that acted quickly and chose to go digital are better prepared to face the post-pandemic scenario and have a better chance of keeping their businesses afloat.

Fortunately, more and more entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of document digitization, while discovering the many benefits it can offer them in the short and long term. Among the latter, the possibility of freeing up space in the office, saving documentation in the cloud to access it at any time and from anywhere, organizing work tasks electronically and avoiding the loss of physical documents. For these and many other reasons, an increasing number of companies decide to implement a digital management system to get the most out of teleworking.

Teleworking has made it necessary to cover the need to be able to access files electronically, but there are still large files and uncategorized physical documentation that we need to access. This causes the need for someone to be in the office to access and digitize the physical files if necessary, causing barriers to teleworking.

Digitizing the office can be complex, generating a digitization project in which the cataloging of the documentation is professional and we can locate everything we need in a few seconds is essential. As well as having professional services that can help us minimize the times for this transition and benefit from all the services that digitization offers us.

Digitizing your paper documents seems like a necessity!

But whatever your goal is to digitize your paper documents, you need the right tool. We recommend the CZUR Shine Ultra. CZUR is a paper document scanner manufacturer with no less than 150 thousand users worldwide. One of its most popular products is the CZUR Shine Ultra.

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What is CZUR Shine Ultra?

It is a revolutionary paper document scanner because it has applied the so-called “curve alignment technology”, a technology that was originally developed by CZUR itself and has been patented. With this tool, users can scan paper documents very quickly, 1 second per page! If you scan a standard book with a thickness of 300 pages, you will only spend a few minutes.


The high quality scanner (10% OFF) is very practical because of its tolerable size. Unlike traditional scanners, these are easy to move and store. It weighs only 1 kg and its dimensions are quite compact!

Very easy to operate

Operating this tool is quite easy. You will be greatly helped by the curve smoothing technology, autofocus, automatic page turning detection, and a handy foot pedal to support hands-free operation. Once you’re done scanning, you can transfer the results into a file that’s easy to edit and of course save! With CZUR Shine Ultra, you can carry most of your library’s contents on your mobile device. That would be really fun.

You can save your valuable time

This tool gives you multi-target scanning capability so you can scan more than one document in a workspace.This will save you a lot of time if you have to deal with small and separate documents like award certificates for example.

It can scan anything

CZUR Shine Ultra can scan anything; passports, IDs, receipts, barcodes, QR codes and much more. So it is a scanning tool that is very compatible with various scenarios.

It supports 180 languages

There will be no major language difficulties as this tool supports up to 180 languages!

It’s more than a scanner!

If you thought that this is just a sophisticated scanner then you were wrong. There is a video recording feature that allows you to record videos as you scan your paper documents. What for? This will be useful if you are going to do a presentation.

With its size, dimensions and all the features provided, you are now ready to scan almost anything and load those documents into your digital enterprise. Welcome to a new era!