D-Link Covr Will Cover Your Entire Home With Wi-Fi

D-Link is ready to cover your entire home with a mesh wireless network named Covr. At CES 2017, D-Link announced two products under the Covr brand, Covr Wi-Fi System and Covr PowerLine Wi-Fi System. Each will support 802.11ac, provide a single SSID and offers Ethernet ports for remote wired devices.

Covr Wi-Fi System is a two piece mesh network system with the base supporting AC2600, and the satellite AP supporting AC1300. The secondary AP has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports on it, so you can also hook up any wired devices at a far away location. Each AP in this system supports MU-MIMO, band steering and of course the entire system supports dynamic AP switching under a unified SSID. If more secondary APs are needed, extra single units will be available for purchase. Covr Wi-Fi System is expected to launch Q2 2017 for $299.

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The second product under the Covr brand is Covr PowerLine Wi-Fi System. Covr PowerLine provides a lot of benefits the non-PowerLine system does, except its connection from base to satellite APs is over PowerLine instead of creating a wireless mesh network. Covr PowerLine uses PowerLine AV2 standard, and its Wi-Fi is AC1300 MIMO. Every Covr PowerLine device has 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices far away from the base. Covr PowerLine Wi-Fi System is launching in Q2 2017 for $199.