Data Wiping: When To Use It?

When you translate and store information to a computing machine for processing, it is known as data, which comprises numerous figures and facts. It can be company financial figures, employee particulars, product invoices, or any other information, including photos, videos etc. In today’s dynamic business world, data is valuable, and it requires adequate security to ensure longevity. Whether for business or personal use, it is essential to have an efficient data backup strategy in place, such as a Hyper-V backup solution. However, sometimes the data may become redundant and you may need to perform an exercise known as data wiping.

In this article, we shall delve into what data wiping is when you need to use it and its benefits to your data management practices.

secure data wiping

What is data wiping?

Data wiping is the process of erasing data from a computer’s hard drive. It overwrites the data until it becomes unreadable. Apart from securing your data, it also allows you to use the hard drive again.

Most users may think that data wiping is similar to data deletion. When you delete a file, it still lurks in the system, and hackers may retrieve it with ease, but data wiping is a more professional process that eliminates all file traces. Data wiping prevents external threats from attacking your system to steal data.

Types of Data Wiping

Data wiping is not a standardized process that fits all business needs. There are several types of data wiping methods that both organizations and individuals can use. They include:

  • Secure erase
  • Single-pass overwrite
  • Three-pass overwrite
  • Seven-pass overwrite

Each of the above methods involves a different process. For instance, the seven pass means that the IT specialists overwrite the data seven times, while single-pass requires only one overwrite. Large organizations may have data wiping laws with specific instructions on the data type and the suitable wiping method.


Benefits of Data Wiping

If you are searching for an effective data security measure that will secure sensitive company information, it is vital to seek the services of a professional data wiping provider. Most enterprises operating large amounts of data can benefit immensely from wiping services. Even if you are operating a small business, you can research and find out the best data wiping method to guarantee data security. Below are the benefits.

Peace of Mind

If you conduct data wiping for all the sensitive company information, you will have total peace of mind. Hackers will not infiltrate and steal data in the system since the process erases all files without leaving any trace.


Hiring a data wiping service provider may seem expensive, but it is cost-effective. Suppose cybercriminals attack your system and retrieve all deleted files through ransomware. Your company will end up paying the ransom to the hackers. But, if you choose to pay professionals to wipe your data, no data breach would occur. Hence, you will end up saving a lot of money you could have used to pay criminals.

No data recovery

Data wiping erases all your company information completely, leaving no room for data recovery. So, ensure that you make an informed decision before you begin the process. It guarantees most organizations zero data traces that will enhance security measures. Hackers cannot retrieve the wiped data since all files are rendered unreadable.

More storage space

Wiping off data from your hard drive creates more storage space that you can use to backup other critical files. It can also leave you with more office space if you have many hard drives lying around.

Regulatory Compliance

There are information policies that govern the disposal of digital files. If you fail to comply with the law, you might get legal penalties. It is a fundamental reason why you need to hire professionals to help you in wiping your data. Avoid the agony of paying fines and let the experts handle the job correctly.

When you have redundant data, it is advisable to consult professional data wiping providers to help you conduct the process. Data wiping has many benefits, and it is an efficient data security measure that prevents data breaches. Your data is valuable, do not put it at risk.