Dead Space – Remake

In its short and eventful life, the Dead Space franchise has managed to tell a truly terrifying story in three dramatic acts. A creepy and unhurried beginning, a dynamic escalation, and a tragic finale, where all further prospects are buried under an unbearable layer of snow.


The organizers of the event also got under the cold avalanche – the Visceral Games team failed to recover from a series of bad decisions and difficult external circumstances. You can find the company’s games and other projects in the horror genre at the piratebays proxy. A tragic ending, an imminent death. After all, what else could you expect from a horror game?

The Return of Dead Space

One day, the dead will surely get tired of the comfort of their burial chambers, and they will certainly try to return to the world of the living. At least to give someone a good scare. EA Motive from Canada decided to reanimate Dead Space. Operation on paper is quite simple – once again, launch a lonely middle-aged man into space and once again pull him through a meat grinder of cold and unfriendly corridors full of creatures with an excessive number of limbs.

Dead Space Plot

A lonely man is engineer Isaac Clark. And he flew into space to escape his loneliness, seeking a meeting with Nicole Brennan, close to his heart, who is undergoing medical service on the USG Ishimura, a ship engaged in mining on a planetary scale. The ship stopped communicating, resulting in the initiation of a rescue mission, giving rise to the main chain of narrative lines.

Upon arrival, Isaac, along with his accompanying crew, is met with an extremely disturbing picture. The ship is in a state of decay, maintenance personnel is nowhere to be seen, and there is a bad stench in the air. The situation is completely abnormal and, more importantly, unpredictable. But from the point of view of the player, everything is more than normal and in equal proportion – predictable. The Dead Space remake presents itself as an almost literal quotation of the original. The order of the scenes, their content, and course of development – the elements are familiar and familiar. Here is just a necromorph hiding in the details.

Dead Space’s Voice Acting

Already from the first moments, Clark is actively talking in the textured voice of actor Gunner Wright. New details slip into the dialogues – references to interesting events of the overall game context. The environment has become overgrown with geometry and exploded in scale – a small hangar bay has grown into a gigantic playground that holds giant-sized machines.

From this angle, you can see all the interactions with the fresh version of Dead Space. Yes, all this you could see before. But it looked and sounded completely different. The only remaining questions are about the gameplay. It couldn’t have undergone any noticeable changes. Thank goodness the plasma cutter never went out of style.

The Ishimura’s board is an ocean of dangers. Around every turn awaits a terrifying monster, maddening and bone-crushing machinery, uninhabitable environments, or a combination of both. Dangerous monsters can be dealt with by an arsenal of tools and assault rifles, and unruly iron is overcome by engineering cunning and ingenuity – Isaac was trained as a specialist for a reason.

Opponents and Weapons in Dead Space

Necromorphs are very cunning and evil. They can hide, run fast and hurt you. You have to dispose of them smartly – by depriving them of mobility or combat potential, literally shooting their sharp hand daggers and thin legs. This is accompanied by a wickedly beautiful effect of soft tissue deformation – the skin slides off the bodies, revealing rotting flesh behind which twisted bones shimmer.

The monsters come in many forms. Some prefer a frontal attack, some shoot from afar, and some can feel comfortable on any plane and any surface. By the middle of the passage, monsters are dumped on your head in different combinations, forcing you to make difficult decisions on the fly – to use up the last stocks of rifle charges or waste precious fuel flamethrower?

Why precious? Because the flamethrower began to roast, sizzle, and just work well, unlike its progenitor. For the remake, the flamethrower was redesigned. As are all other weapons. Somewhere the changes are minor, and somewhere they change the whole approach to battles. Of the obvious – the alternative modes of fire, they are completely new. Underbarrel grenade launcher, gravity well, electronic stretching. There is a use for everything, the main thing – do not miss the cherished gun because they are now scattered around the game world and not waiting for their time on the dusty shelf of the store.

Upgrades in Dead Space

There’s also the workbench for upgrades. The principle of its operation has not changed – you collect power units and spend them on a web of available upgrades. If in the original, some of the cells were empty, in the remake, the approach is different – each point offers an increase in damage, magazine capacity, firing speed, and reloading. There are also special upgrades that act as particularly strong modifiers – you have to find or buy them.