DeepCool Announces GamerStorm Lucifer CPU Cooler

DeepCool has announced its latest CPU cooler classified under the superior brand of GamerStorm. DeepCool Lucifier is a large tower-type CPU cooler. The size of the heatsink is 140x110x163mm, 26mm thick including the fan while weighing 1097g. When talking about its design, it includes a mirror finished nickel-plated copper base out of which six 6mm thick heat pipes surface out across the two edges of aluminum fin stack.

DeepCool Gamerstorm Lucifier CPU Cooler

The cooler has got H-shaped fins with rough and uneven edges to increase the instability through which the heat disperses. Ventilation system is managed by a 140mm PWM-controlled fan. It spins between 700-1400 RPM thrusting up to 81.33CFM of air, with noise productivity ranging between 17.8 to 31.1 dBA. Currently the GamerStorm Lucifier is going to be introduced only in China where buyers may be unaware or indifferent to the name.

DeepCool Gamerstorm Lucifier CPU Cooler

No details on pricing have been mentioned but we shall keep you updated here.

Source: Techpowerup | News Archive