DeepCool Announces the MORPHEUS ATX+ Case

DeepCool, a pioneer in cutting-edge PC hardware, proudly introduces the MORPHEUS Modular ATX+ case—a game-changer designed for seasoned case modders and everyday PC building enthusiasts alike. The MORPHEUS redefines modularity, providing the flexibility to seamlessly switch between single and dual chamber configurations, complete with a vertical GPU mount and Gen 4 riser cable for an elevated user experience.

Embrace a new era of modularity with DeepCool’s internally reconfigurable ATX+ chassis—the MORPHEUS. Offering unparalleled compatibility and a spacious layout, the MORPHEUS caters to the discerning tastes of DIY modders and casual PC enthusiasts. Break free from the monotony of fixed system layouts with the MORPHEUS. Effortlessly transition between the classic single chamber configuration and the dynamic dual chamber layout with a simple switch of a few parts. The package includes everything needed for the shift, including a vertical GPU mount with a Gen 4.0 riser cable.


Taking Airflow to Another Level
Immerse your high-powered components with optimal airflow from every angle. The MORPHEUS features high airflow panels covering the front, right, top, bottom, rear, and even the top of the PSU shroud. High-flow mesh filters for the front, top, and bottom panels ensure a dust-free environment.

Real-Time Dual-Status Digital Display
Monitor CPU and GPU vitals with the integrated double-status digital screen. Choose between CPU and GPU temperatures, utilization, or both, with seamless switches at 5-second intervals. The user-friendly application puts display control in your hands.


Extensive Cooling Capability
Unleash unprecedented fan options with support for up to thirteen 120 mm or 140 mm fans. Enthusiasts can push the limits further with the ability to add up to six 200 mm fans. The highly modular fan rails make configurations a reality, and the MORPHEUS can simultaneously support up to three 420 mm radiators.

Maximum Compatibility
The ATX+ form factor guarantees broad compatibility, accommodating E-ATX motherboards, GPUs up to 480 mm in length, 195 mm tall CPU coolers (in single chamber configuration), and multiple 420 mm radiators.


A Bevy of I/O Ports
Access a plethora of devices through the top front I/O panel, featuring four USB 3.0 ports, a Type-C port, and a hybrid audio port. Take control with the LED cycle button, managing the built-in ARGB controller, complemented by an HDD activity LED and a Power button.

Personalize your MORPHEUS experience with playful rubber square bits! These fun additions can be applied to the majority of mesh panels, allowing you to leave messages, add custom logos, or create your own 8-bit character.

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