DeepCool Neptwin CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
It’s obvious after putting this cooler through it’s paces that Deepcool means business with the Neptwin.  Bringing to the table an attractive cooler that performs very well, they should have no problem sticking around.

There are several things they need to take into consideration though if they want to keep customers coming back.  The installation process is a real headache.  When is comes down to it, it leaves too much work to the customer.  Installing felt pads on the heatsink?  Come on, figure out how to do that in your manufacturing process.  Although the retention plate is nice to be able to easily remove, there should be some way to secure it to the heat sink while installing.  I found the screws far too short when trying to put the plastic spacers on and attach the mounting brackets.  If the were just a few mm longer everything would have been much easier.

Of course there are also many good things to be said about this twin tower.  The cooler itself is just beautiful, I really can’t emphasize enough how great that mirror finish is.  The fans are actually pretty good.  Very quiet.  Even when ramping up under load they were mostly inaudible.  The splitter for the fans is quite nice, both aesthetically and functionally.  Big plus for including that.  The performance is great for an air cooler.  Really would never have expected to achieve a 4.8 ghz clock.  Finally price, at only $59.99 this really is a well priced piece of gear.

As you can see the good outweighs the bad and I can fully recommend this cooler to anyone!

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Deepcool Neptwin CPU cooler an 8 out of 10 score.  If Deepcool could clean up the install process it would certainly achieve a 9 or 10.

– Price
– Performance
– Build quality
– Accessories are high quality

– Install is not fun
– Needs some hardware redesign/changes