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ASUS GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC Edition Video Card Review

Back in August NVIDIA released the GTX 660 Ti, which came in around the $300 price range.  Performance on the card was great, but not everyone has $300 to spend on a video card.  So NVIDIA released the GTX 660, which hits your wallet around $200-$250, but still offers great performance and lower power consumption.  Today we are checking out one of ASUS’s GTX 660 variants, the GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC Edition.  This card features ASUS’s DirectCU II cooling, which ASUS says provides 20% better cooling performance than a stock cooler.  This is also the Overclocked (OC) edition of the card.  That means the GPU clock is set to 1020 MHz (1085 MHz boost clock) over the stock settings of 980 MHz.  You also get ASUS’s DIGI+VRM power delivery design which enhances power efficiency by 15% and minimizes power noise by 30%.  Are you in the market for a GTX 660?  Is this the one for you?  Read on to find out!

Special thanks to ASUS for providing us with the GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC Edition Video Card to review.


Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Bus Standard PCI Express 3.0
Video Memory GDDR5
Engine Clock GPU Boost Clock : 1085 MHz
GPU Base Clock : 1020 MHz
CUDA Core 960
Memory Clock 6008 MHz ( 1502 MHz GDDR5 )
Memory Interface 192-bit
Resolution DVI Max Resolution : 2560×1600
Interface DVI Output : Yes x 1 (DVI-I), Yes x 1 (DVI-D)
HDMI Output : Yes x 1
Display Port : Yes x 1 (Regular DP)
HDCP Support : Yes
Power Consumption up to 150W1 additional 6 pin PCIe power required
Software ASUS GPU Tweak & Driver
ASUS Features DirectCU Series
OC Series
Super Alloy Power
Dimensions 10.2 ” x 5.2 ” x 1.5 ” Inch

The GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC Edition Video Card comes in ASUS’s default packaging.  On the front it let’s us know that it is a GTX 660 and highlights some of the main features of the card.  On the back of the box it goes into more detail on the features and gives you a diagram of the card.

ASUS GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC Edition Video Card ASUS GeForce GTX 660 DirectCU II OC Edition Video Card

To give you a good idea of how the card comes and what it comes with check out our unboxing and overview video below.

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