DeepCool Shows Off Impressive New Ark Chassis

Back in January at CES DeepCool showed us their Genome Chassis with integrated water cooling and we were extremely impressed. Now at Computex they are presenting the New Ark, which takes things even further. To start with the New Ark is a bushed aluminum chassis with an amazing look that has the water cooling reservoir and coolant channels on the outside of the case!

DeepCool New Ark

So on the front of the case you have the reservoir and a coolant channel that runs up the front of the case to the top. We’ve never seen anything like it before. Behind it is an RGB strip that can be controlled, it gives the case is really cool look. The coolant channel is attached to DeepCool’s own Captain 360 EX liquid cooling solution that comes with the case. One change from the Genome chassis is that the radiator is mounted on the side of the case rather than the front. This allows for fans to be installed in the front of the case.

DeepCool New Ark

Taking a look inside you can see there is quite a lot of room to work with. One cool feature is that you can mount your graphics card vertically to display it. There is also a large PSU cover where the mount for your graphics card is, and it has a cool Gamer Storm logo on it.

With the integrated water cooling and brushed aluminum design the New Ark is not going to be cheap. It will retail for $349 when it becomes available.

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