Deepcool Shows The Massive QuadStellar Case

Deepcool turned heads a few years ago with their TriStellar case. Well this year at CES they were showing the massive QuadStellar case! The case has a very similar design to the TriStellar, but as you can guess by the name it actually has four compartments as opposed to three which were on the TriStellar.

Not only have they added a fourth compartment, but Deepcool has made this case much, much larger. The official dimensions of the case are 323 mm x 483 mm x 483 mm. The case has an all black design with tempered glass side panels on each of the compartments.

DeepCool QuadStellar

Since DeepCool has made case much larger it can fit larger components. At the bottom right you have the motherboard compartment, which actually supports motherboards up to ATX. Moving up the next compartment it is meant to house your graphics cards, a total of four of them. DeepCool will include a PCI-Express riser cable to you can install your cards in this compartment. Moving over the top left compartment is for your storage. You can fit 9 3.5-inch hard drives inside or 12 2.5-inch drives! Finally in the bottom left compartment you’ll house your power supply.

DeepCool QuadStellar

At the front of the case there are RGB lights that give the case a really look and the DeepCool GamerStorm logo is lit up as well. I believe that these will be able to be controlled. The front panels on the case have a nice reflective coating on them. These panels will actually pop open when the inside temperature of the system gets beyond a certain point.

DeepCool QuadStellar

No word yet on official pricing, but DeepCool says they are shooting to bring this out at a lower cost than what the TriStellar was at launch ($299). Expect this case to hit stores in May.

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