Detailed Product Review on iVANKY 4K HDMI Cable

When it comes to selecting an HDMI cable, you ought to go for the best the market has to offer. There are various HDMI cables in the market, and you can become spoilt for choices. However, none beats iVANKY HDMI cable. It’s the best invention in the current technological era. Get to enjoy the fast response one you connect it to your devices. It works like a charm, and you won’t be disappointed. Below is a detailed review of iVANKY HDMI cable.

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  1. High connectivity speeds

Everyone wants a taste of the fast lane life. A slow cable connection is just a bore. However, when you choose iVANKY, you stand to benefit from high-speed HDMI cable support. It’s 4k @ 60 Hz.

The latest design offers increased bandwidth strength of up to 18Gbps. Enjoy the backward compatibility with all the HDMI standards.

It supports the ethernet, 4K video, 3D, HDCP 2.2, audio return (ARC), hot plugging, 48-bit deeper color, audio return channel as well as Dolby 7.1

  1. Duration

Everyone loves a product that offers value for their money. Once you choose this product, you benefit from getting the perfect usage each day. The aluminum casing provides thermal dissipation as well as ensures ultimate durability. The case is made out of a high-quality nylon braided jacket.

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The cable is thicker with 32 AWG wire. It is to provide the 18Gbps bandwidth is needed for all 2.0 features.

The gold-plated ends are to ensure its corrosion-resistance. Get a chance to utilize a cable that will offer optimal signal transfers with the least possible distortion.

  1. High-performance speed

The 4K HDMI cable has very high connectivity speed, which offers top-notch playback. The exclusive triple shielding protects against any external interference. The cable provides a stable signal during transmission; thus, no signal loss.

Once you own this cable, you are sure to benefit from the immediate connectivity. The pictures are of high-quality.

It interacts among many platforms as well as devices. You can share an internet connection without having to use a separate ethernet cable.

  1. Compatibility

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Here lies the most excellent pickle which choosing an HDMI cable. You need to choose a cable that’s compatible with all your devices. Once you get iVANKY HDMI cable, you can enjoy compatibility with Apple TV 4K, CD, DVD, Blu-ray players, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, fire TV, Nintendo switch, PS3/4, PCs, and any other HDMI enabled device. You will have an excellent connection with minimal graphics or sound issue

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Enjoy the latest innovative improvement in 4K HDMI cable. You need to select iVANKY cable as it’s designed to suit all HDMI 2.1 standard devices. It also suits backward compatible with HDMI 1.2, 1.3, as well as 1.4. Don’t forget to abut the tinplate metal shielding as well as gold plated corrosion-resistant connectors. What more could an individual possibly ask for when you can enjoy such impeccable benefits and so much more from one HDMI cable. Enjoy the unlimited warranty as well as a product that gets built for quality. The price is worth every penny as the product is quite reliable in every aspect.

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