Details on AMD’s Zen 2 Architecture Leaked

When AMD released their Ryzen and ThreadRipper processors there were clear areas of improvement that AMD engineers were aware of, but they were left on the chopping block due to time and budget constraints. While this is unfortunate it does mean that AMD has a clear starting point in terms of improving the architecture. A CPU roadmap from AMD up to 2019 has been leaked to the web.

amd cpu roadmap

So on the desktop side we will see AMD’s “Pinnacle Ridge” as the next step after the current Zen-based “Summit Ridge” Ryzen CPUs in 2018. These will take advantage of the same Summit Ridge architecture, but with a performance increase. So basically we have an AMD “tick” here, the performance increase likely comes from increased frequencies at the same power envelope. This leads up to believe that AMD will be 12nm for this.

amd 12nm

Also on the roadmap we see AMD’s Zen 2 processors being released in 2019. These will be based on the revised Zen 2 cores, which should have those architectural improvements that were left out of first generation Ryzen and ThreadRipper processors. It seems AMD will be moving away from the “ridge” codenames as we see “Matisse” as the codename for Zen 2. AMD seems be going with the painter approach as 2019 APUs are codenamed Picasso.

amd increase

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