Different Ways to Use Your Phone You Might Not Have Thought of Before

Mobile phones have been thoroughly integrated into our lives for many years now. It’s almost impossible to leave the house without one and function normally. You constantly find yourself checking your pockets for something that isn’t there. Though phones are predominately used for communication, social media and listening to music, they have many other functions that people might not be aware of. If you’re hoping to discover new ways to use your phone and make it more useful than ever before, then you should read on. We’ve got some great recommendations for everyone.

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Whenever you’re travelling or off to meet someone, taking your phone is a must. Otherwise, you’re just sitting around and twiddling your thumbs, bored out of your mind. There are so many mobile apps for gaming nowadays, anyone can find something they like. For instance, you can download games such as Tetris, crosswords, Solitaire and sudoku onto your phone now with no fees or any subscriptions to pay. You can also browse the internet for the mobile versions of gaming websites like Bonusninja as a prime example of the genre. There’s also the option to play online with your friends using multiplayer games for mobile. It’s like having a portable gaming console wherever you go.


Many people don’t realise what a useful organisational tool your mobile phone can be. This goes beyond taking notes and setting alarms. For example, you can sync your work calendar with your friend’s work calendar, making it easy to see when you’re both available. If you take medication, you can set up daily reminders which prompt you whenever your next dosage is due. Reminders are also useful when you have deadlines or bills to pay. And next time you need to write your shopping list, don’t bother with a pen and paper – you can just write it up on your phone. There are some great organisational tools like Google Keep and Trello which you can download, too. Whatever you need, there’s an app for it.

Health and Fitness

Maintaining good health and fitness is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing. As it’s such a fundamental aspect of our lives, there are – of course – several mobile apps for fitness. You can easily check how many steps you’ve taken and how many floors you’ve climbed by checking your phone – plus, devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch have fully integrated their fitness watches with mobiles so you can track your exercise with extreme detail. Most phones are also integrated with a ‘health’ application, where users can input their important medical information in case of an emergency. This is incredibly useful for things like anaphylactic shock or diabetes because others can look on their phone to see what may have caused it. Finally, people can monitor their sleeping patterns, too. Some apps show you how long you’ve slept, the quality of your sleep, and if you did any sleep talking. Many people play back their recordings for a laugh.


Mobile phones have become an incredibly useful tool for businesses. They make communication quicker and easier than ever before, plus they’re perfect for organisations like we mentioned before. But people can actually take this one step further by using their phone to set up a business. Websites like Etsy offer a downloadable app, allowing people to create a virtual shop for selling various items. Social media also offers an excellent platform for businesses. As well as this, mobile phone cameras are so high-quality nowadays that entrepreneurs can easily take a snap of their produce for online marketing.

Mental Health

Using your mobile too much isn’t good for your mental health, but it can benefit you in some ways. There are plenty of phone apps which are designed to encourage mindfulness, such as meditation guides which talk you through different routines for relaxing your brain. Other apps are good for anxiety and regulating your breathing in the circumstances of a panic attack. You can even find CBT self-help guides for depression and anxiety. For those who can’t afford or access therapy, resources like this are incredibly valuable.

These are some of the different ways you can use your mobile which you might not have been aware of before. Your phone can be anything – from a self-help guide and an organisational tool to a portable business, video game console and fitness tracker. People are continuing to innovate with mobile apps, so we’re excited to see where the future takes us.