Digital Storm Launches PRO Line of Custom Built Workstations

Digital Storm is a name known well in the field of customized and high performing gaming systems. It is adding yet another amazing series to its already existing product portfolio and this time it plans to surprise its customers with the PRO line of workstations which are going to be fully customizable. This decision was purely based on the need to satisfy the growing needs of the professionals who are constantly demanding for higher performing desktops which are liquid cooling enabled and also overclocked.


For the cooling solutions, the Digital Storm’s proprietary HydroLux cooling system is going to be featured on these PRO systems which will present the liquid and airflow cooling which users will be able to handle with the customizable control software. All adjustments according to the temperature levels and variations will be made accordingly by this HydroLux cooling system. The ultimate aim of the Digital Storm is to provide users the extended usage without having to worry about reliability issues resulting from overheating.

The TwisterBoost Technology from Digital Storm incorporates professional level overclocking and raises the bar for the CPU clock speeds to up to 4.7 GHz. The CPU boost technology on the other hand aids with increased productivity and reduced amount of bottlenecks which ensures smooth and carefree performance.

The thing that differentiates the PRO line from all others in the professional market is the high level of customization. No matter what the feature is, each and every aspect of the workstation has been customized to meet the needs of the individual customer. Not a single customer is going to regret investing in these long lasting workstations. They are meant to stay with you for a long time with ample space and options for upgrades. The thing that customers are going to love about this workstation is the fact that there are no price tags attached with upgrades.

Source: Digital Storm | News Archive

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