Divoom Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So I’ve been using the Timebox Mini for about a month now and I really like it. It has become a permanent fixture on my desk. Most of the time I have the time displayed on it. I really like the larger time display as I rarely look at the time on my monitor. I also like that I get a visual cue when I receive when I get a notification on social media. This is great because most of the time I have my phone on silent anyways.

Divoom Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker

The 121 RGB LEDs are of course the main feature of this speaker. The Divoom Smart App makes it really easy to display what you want on the speaker. You can create your own designs or animations, choose from a pre-installed library, or view the large number of user-created designs and animations. The animations are especially cool and make your setup really stand out.

With the flashy front of we forget that the Timebox Mini is also a Bluetooth speaker. The 5W speaker is not going to be the loudest out there, but is definitely going to be louder and sound better than your smartphone’s speakers. The speaker is powerful enough for a small room, office, etc.

The only thing that I did find missing with Timebox Mini is that within the app there is no battery level indicator.

Right now the Timebox Mini is selling at my favorite online retailer for $23.98 at my favorite online retailer. At the price it really is a no-brainer to pick up as it adds so much to your setup, plus you are getting a Bluetooth speaker too. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Divoom Timebox Mini a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!

rating9 10 TC award goodValue

– 121 individually controlled RGB LEDs
– The app includes a lot
– Can display designs as well as animations
– Can be linked with social media for notifications
– Price

– No battery level indication inside the app

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