Divoom Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker Review

The App
Now you can use the Timebox Mini as a normal Bluetooth speaker when you turn it on, but if you want to customize the lighting you’ll have to download the Divoom Smart app on your smartphone. You will need to create an account to use the app. On the main screen of the app it shows you the weather and there are mini applications inside. The first one is music, which allows you to browse your music library and play music through the speaker. Next you have weather, which is based off your location. Then you have voice memo’s, which allows you to record different voice memo’s.

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Next is design where you can create and save your own designs for the Timebox Mini. The design editor is actually really easy to use. There is also an animation editor, which allows you to build animations. The gallery will show you your saved designs and animations as well as check out some of pre-installed designs and there is a full library of designs online.

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There is a built-in planner, sleep time settings, and alarm clock in the app as well. The planner will display different designs on the screen of the Timebox mini during the day to remind you to do certain things. Sleep timer basically allows you to set a timer and you can play different types of music during this time.

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In the tools menu you’ll find the scoreboard app, celebration days, and the stopwatch app. You are able to turn on / off notifications for certain things. It is cool if you don’t have your phone close by as the display on the speaker will flash with the type of notification you’ve received. There are actually a few different games that you can play on the speaker itself, one that definitely comes in handy is the rolling dice game.

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